My Story

I write full-time for engineering companies both on and off the Upwork platform. I can write knowledge-based articles, software documentation, user manuals, proposals, white papers, case studies, sale brochures, and more!

I have loved writing since I was a young girl. I started my first journal at the age of 11 and wrote many creative stories and poems. I discovered copywriting by accident when I volunteered for a food charity in my teenage years. I learned to write persuasive sales copy by writing email campaigns and fundraising content for them.

Being academically driven, I spent my 20s studying Computer Engineering and worked as a coder and software consultant for 6+ years. After that, I switched to entrepreneurship with my STEM education startup.

Writing remained a constant part of this journey. At one point, I had three different blogs where I was publishing content on engineering, technology, and education. I was also writing a lot of content – including user guides, case studies, sales, and website copy for my business.

In the middle of all this, I discovered Upwork (then Elance) in 2013. I soon landed my first gig – writing blogs for other tech companies.

Initially, I dabbled on the platform, taking up projects whenever time permitted. I wrote copy for engineering and business clients, adjusting my tone and style to match their needs.

The intellectual challenge of writing complex content for others had me hooked. I pursued a Masters in Science Communication and other professional development courses to sharpen my craft.

When I am not writing, you will find me cooking or spending time with family in Melbourne, Australia.